Monday, April 2, 2012

Outfit of the day No 1  

Hey, you lovely Bloggers all over the world

First of all welcome to my little world  :)
So for my first blogpost i chose an outfit of the day and as you guys can see its all springish and pastell and flower printed. Just to give you a quick and rough preview of whats going to come in the future.
  1. Reviews of products i use
  2. Hairstuff
  3. DIYs
  4.  Fashion Fashion Fashion 
i know well enough that there are tons and tons of beauty and fashion blogs out there but that doesnt stop me from putting mine out there to swim with the other fishes.

Everyone has a different oulook on things and I'm thrilled that i finnally put up the courage to start my own little blog.
So if your as obsessed in finding new inspiration every day as I am, i hope you enjoy this mess I'm creating ~


DIY waterfall dress
grey denim Biker-Vest:
Side swept hair