Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How I: Do Eyebrows

So I've been noticing a slight obsession when it comes to eyebrows at the moment. The way people style them, featured articles and photos in magazines, on the runway and stuff.
The direction is going more and more to the full and bushy brows as in the past the fine thin eyebrows were more popular. Almost every time theres a connection to a bright bold lip color but i find thats not an absolute must.
I think its rather important, that when you want to draw attention to them, don't be too heavy with the rest of your make up. In the end I must add I'm a newbie in this field, so please bare with me.
Never the less, i wanted to share my bits and bops with you guys.

  So here are some shaping tools I use

eyebrow razors

eyebrow razors ("ebelin")  and tweezers, local drugstore brand

So the razors are new in my make up accessoires and i must say, they are very easy to use and efficient. I do have to point out though that, as like with every razor you have to do this a lot more often than with tweezers. Cause as you know, with the tweezers you're catching the hair by its route and with the razor you only chop it off at the surface. It feels a little bit like cheating for me. ;)

defining tools

eyebrow pencil with integrated brush to fill in your brows and blend the color in
white eyeliner pencil for highligtung your brow bone

Eyebrow pencil,  local drugstore brand "catrice cosmetics"

In the first 4 photos I only used liquid eyeliner, the eyebrow pencil and the white eyeliner pencil

Incorporated into my everyday look

So at the end i can say, that it really makes a difference in my look and I'm looking forward to keeping it in my routine.  I'm really excited getting to know your eyebrow-routine,  just tell me in the comments below.


Hope you enjoyed my point of view and I'm also going to post more often in the future. I actually made a list of things i want to blog about and I am really excited XD