Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whats in my bag

I dont think i have to explain this post because I'm by far not the only one who has done this. But i really enjoy seeing whats in other peoples bags and i hope this is not too boring for you because its not a video or something like that. I'm not ready to start my own channel and i definetly dont have the right video quality on my digi cam. BUT I wanted to do this for AGES 

This is the bag i'm currently using a lot, its a real leather bag which i got from my local second hand store. BUT its never used the lovely shop-owner has purchased this when a shop was closing, so its really brand new. What a bargain i must say.
Let me say something in addition, i do not have problems with used things from fleamarkets and secondhand shops, quite the contrary I LOVE them. Maybe I'm going to visit a whole lot more of them, in the summer as my good friend hannah from uni promised to come along with me.
Of course there will be footage, you can be shure of that.

I must say I'm not a massive fan of of carriing a full packed bag, so as a result i only take this one to uni when i dont have many classes. On the other days I switch between two backpacks, which are quite more comfy. ~

Sneek peek
A Whole bunch of stuff - NOT-
Blistex Lipbalm, favourite drugstore lipstick and gloss in a coral peach tone, deodorant, bodyspray, handcream, hand sanitizer, Hairbrush

My purse, camera pouch, letaherman multitool, Ipod Nano, Smartphone
Special attention to my phone: Samsung nexus S front
Samsung nexus S back
For Uni days with many many classes: Forvert Backpack
For uni days with less classes: The Maxpedition Sitka gearslinger front

(As you may have noticed i LOVE backpacks XD .... because you can never have enough backpacks.)

So these are just my essentials which I carry everyday, on rainy days of course i also take an umbrella or my ultra small packable rain jacket.
I definetley wanna purchase a little seperate bag for my makeup stuff but up until now i havent found a pretty one. Maybe I'LL find one tomorrow when I go shopping with a good friend of mine :) Memo to myself: take camera with me .
There will also be a whats in my outdoor backpack in the next few weeks because I'm going on an outdoor- vacation with my friends.

So thats my - Whats in my bag - post. Hope you liked it. Please tell me, what you think are YOUR bag essentials or post a link when you've already done a similar entry as mine.