Thursday, August 16, 2012

Current Obsession | my army vest

Hey my lovelys,

At first let me say sorry for my long absence, lately I been kinda busy with uni exams and didnt have the time to write much but theres a whole month of free time ahead and tons and tons of ideas.

So last week I went shopping with my little brother because he likes me to be around when he picks clothes. And Omg I cannot tell you how happy I am!!! Literally I wanted a vest like this for so long and I eyed it on the Zara website for quite a while. And when I  saw it in store there was no going back, I had to get it imediately. This vest is so versitile and so edgy it brightens up nearly every outfit with a sort of punky grungy vibe to it. But it also looks so nice with kind of softer fabric f.e. a very feminine dress to make it less girly.

I put together a little lookbook to show How I style this different ways. I hope you like it.

playsuit: H&M

Jeggings: H&M ; Band Tee: Primark mens section

There are so many ways I can style it and I wear it nearly everyday now. I hope you enjoyed my styling ideas on the sort of army trend thats going on at the moment and feel free to show me how you would style an army style clothing item.

XOXO ~ Bee