Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I wondered... | in the footssteps of carrie bradshaw

hey beautiful lovelies,

I really started thinking the other day. How far would the woman of todays everyday life go?
When I was like 13 I just finished playing with my barbies, and it was like really hard. The modern teenager has at least stated a blog or a youtube channel. Against those teenagers I really must look pathetic, my 25 year old self just found herself and her love for making videos, inspriring the world. Or at leasr try to.

I find my self heavily influenced by that tragically fictional character Carrie Bardshaw. Which woman wouldnt want ro wander the street of New York wondering about life and of course Men. That one issue that never seems to have an end. Wandering  the blocks you find magazines stuffed with the big question how to satisfie men. How to find the right ONE. What these magazines never seem so ask is how do I stay true to myself while still finding to manage the relation ship that really suits you. However this issue has come to a new level of giving advice to other people. And sadly lost teenagers really turn to those seriously misguided videos for help. And that can only have two reasons: one , nobody gives them answeres, OR they dont dare to ask.
I really have made the experience that this should all come naturally, not forced no self fullfilling prophecies.
Just enjoy yourself and the one will come along and enjoy being with YOU. Not that self illustrated lied together perfect woman. Its long overdue that everybody just needs to chill out a little. What about all that pressure? Yoga classes will still get their reason to be paied, thats what society created that stressed out jobs for.
But seriously laying all the humor aside, what remains when you laid of your clothes washed off that perfect M.A.C foundation? If he doesnt love you then, he never will.

But how can one know to chill out, if you never ever even knew that you were playing drama queen all that time? It could be all that normal picture for you, because lets face it, whats normal? yeah blurred lines ... right?

I dont say that its wrong to enhance that natural beauty from within or dressing up. Because I love doing just that. BUT I LOVED that before I even thought about men. And that my ladies, is the big difference.

This wasnt suppose to be a big  insulting post about views, that really are different from person to person and is changing constantly.

Just wanted to throw that into that big old messy pot with all those opinions
hope that it helps at least one soul on the world wide web and that you stay the way you are.


XOXO bee