Sunday, June 10, 2012

Loréal Nude Magic BB cream | Review

 Hello you lovelys

First let me explain a little in advance. I'm not the type of girl that uses make up everyday but for special occasions, because I think its a little heavy and I don't need that much coverage. Many of you use make up on a daily basis and thats fine, please don't take any offense from this.

So when I first saw Loréals BB cream, that came to the market just recently, i was a little sceptical.
But let me tell you I was blown away by the"try out portion" that came within the last glossybox. Of course I could'nt wait and bought the fullsize tube. Its not the cheapest product with 11,98€ its a little bit pricier, but its worth it. It has become an everyday essential and I'm afraid I have to purchase another one after that.

I used the BB cream for almost a week now and its really easy to apply because the opening has a little pointy end and you can easily measure the amount of cream that you'll need. In my experience its better to start with one thin layer and then build up coverage as you like. For me one layer is more than enough. Start to apply and  blend it in like make up from the center of your face outwards.
Its has a scrub like texture and you can feel the micro pearls on your face, but in a gentle way. These micro pearls are called "smart pigment capsules" which are supposed to release coloured pigments to even out and adjust your skin tone. So in short, it promises to get rid of all skin imperfections that has to do with blemishes. Its only reasonable, that this product only comes in two different shades light and medium.
I use the lighter version, because i'm very pale ;) And from recent experience i can definetly say it can also be used as a make up base.

Here are some pictures with just the BB cream on, no make up whats so ever.

I hope this review was somewhat helpful for you and fun to read.
well thanks anyway~