Friday, October 12, 2012

Loréal Lumi Magique concealer | Review

 Hey you lovelys <3<3<3

I've been running out of concealer recently and I thought to myself it would be nice to try something new.
The last one that I used was the concealer from the "fit me" range by Maybelline, in the lightest shade. Can't  say that I was very fond of it, it did the job but it never really seemed to match my skintone. So I went into my local drugstore and made a few swatches.

I ended up buying the Lumi magique one from Loréal and oh dear lord I love it. It says on the packaging that its also a highlighter and I really wanted to buy one of those as well so why not combine the two?!

It really takes good care about the darkness under my eyes and other imperfections on my face. I would say its a medium to full coverage concealer, and by the way I also took the lightest shade that was available .

The mechanism is kind of annoying at the beginning because you have to turn the end over 10 times till there's any fluid coming out. I started to think I had bought a broken one.

I really like the brush applicator that it comes with, some people would say its not hygenic but theres no harm in also washing this brush out isnt it?

I spent about 11€ for it, which I found, was quite expensive BUT worth the money.
When I run out I will definetly repurchase it and recommend it to a friend because I think it's a really great concealer that comes in a pretty shiny pink-ish packaging. Here are some pictures where I only have this concealer on. (I have liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow on of course, but no powder or foundation).

Hope this review was rather helpful or/and informative, cause I didnt want to have it too long. Please don't be shy and tell me what your favourite concealer is. I have an open mind and love to try out new stuff.