Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy (belated) New year | Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Years Everyone~

This year after 4 years of working at new years I finally got the chance to do it again and I am very grateful for that. It was also the first time spending new years with my boyfriend which was just incredible.
I did nothing too big, just gathered my closest friends sat together around a big dinner table eating talking and laughing. We had a really lovely time. So lovely that I didnt do any photos I have to admit, so shame on me.

Am I the only one who is kind of sad when the old year ends and is left with a big hole of nothingness to deal with. I find that a little bit depressing at times.

I thought it would be fun to make myself a little list for 2013 of what I want to accomplish so I can look back to it and see what I have achieved over that.

What really helped me last year was actually a blog post from one of my favourite youtubers/Bloggers called Zoe (Zoe's Blog). She did a blog post on how its such a shame that we dont say YES much more often because we are simply to afraid to do anything wrong. So I really want to take that by heart this year.
There are actually many people who suffer from anxiety everyday and I thought it might look strange that most people are actually bloggers or youtubers. Its because the viewes think the person sits in front of a camera and talks to hundreds or thousands of people, why the hell would someone like that suffer from panic attacks or at least be shy. Well I got really motivated to give it my very best this time.


I lagged a bit of focus over last half of 2012 I couldnt really get myself to study properly like I feel I should have. I also wanna get more into the things that I really like and I think I stepped into the right direction when I chose to add English to my classes at uni. I hope to do more with blogging etc in the future; that would be really amazing. 

Be more organised
There was a time when I had everything prepared days before and I really wanna get back to that routine because it took away alot of pressure and made me see things a lot more relaxed. I am basically a very organised person at least when it comes to my own stuff. Sometimes As a guest I always tend to forget that and I think thats quite the annoying habit and I wanna diminish that immediately.

Clear out my Wardrobe

I wanna get rid of all the things that I secretly know that I am never gonna wear and get more of the things that are really me.

Get that ink 
I dont know how long exactly i am pushing this forward but it seriously has to stop soon. Earlier last year I decided to get my tattoo renewed but I never got round doing it because I always had to buy other, more    important things. So YES, I am going to do that VERY soon.

Save some money
This resolution really conflicts with everything I like to do right now and I have way to much hobbies. BUT I actually have to save up because I desperately need a new car, and I dont know how long my old ones gonna last. Sounds pretty embarrassing but at least I purchased it with my own earned money of which I am really proud of.

So I think those goals will keep me pretty busy throughout the year and I hope to write even more.
I feel a little reliefed already, since there are so much things to look forward to <3