Thursday, July 5, 2012

h&m summer sale germany | haul

Hey you lovelys <3~

I went shopping mad .... guilty as charged. At the moment there's SALE everywhere and H&M has a huge one. I didnt buy too much because there is a Anime and Manga convention at the end of the month which will make my purse even thinner.
(So far about the little freak in each and everyone of us, because you know i tell the truth... just kidding.)

In general I'm all for saving money so I prefer to shop at Sales. But there are also times when you want a piece so bad that you cant wait to have it or you're afraid that it will not be available in your size. So in my opinion there can be a healthy mix between these two.
These are all summer pieces and I hope that summer is yet to come in germany. at the moment its 25°C in my region but there are also many rainy phases inbetween. I just never know what to wear.

What about you guys do you prefer to shop at SALES or do you buy the stuff when its brand new on the table?

~Stay in a summery state of mind~