Friday, May 11, 2012

Pastel Cupcakeyness

So I went shopping on thursday with my good friend Hannah from uni. I still needed some stuff for the silver wedding of my parents in june and so I took her with me for the whole shopping madness.
I had already bought a gorgeous dress from Topshop so I wanted to look for shoes and some accessoires.
Let me tell you the weather was horrible .... its was warm and everything was sticky and just uaagh.. not the best condition to try on clothes -_-
I did'nt consider it that difficult to find the right pair of shoes but holy crap i was'nt prepared for the long search that was lying ahaed of us. We literally went into every shoe shop that we came across.... and were did i find some shoes .... yeah H&M.
On the way i also picked up a gorgeous clutch which I'm very proud of  and some golden hair accessoires (also H&M).
And i just could'nt leave these two pair of shorts and the jumper because they we'rent really that expensive.
I will definetly make an outfit of the day with hair and make up at the actual day when my parents celebrate. As for now I'm only posting the pictures with the stuff in it. So be excited you guys I know I am.

Topshopdress "jones and jones" 78€

H&Ms Flatforms 30€

Clutch from a brand called "Sacha" 39€
H&M hair combs 5€

left: Primark shorts 6€; right: "Gina Tricot" high waisted lavender shorts 15€

Gina Tricot Black scull jumper 5€

Ohhh I can't wait to wear the dress I absoluteley love it, its my first Topshop purchase ever. Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope to write again soon.
Waah and i decided i want a industrial ear piercing :D please tell me if you have experience with a piercing like that or what you think of it.