Monday, July 30, 2012

Glossy Box germany | July 2012

Hey Lovelys, 

Sorry for the absence but I've just come back from my trip to the Manga and Anime Convention.

So this is the july glossy box - as it says on the box its a holiday edition
Here are just some quick thoughts on th items that where in it.

Eau Thermale Avéne spf 50 (Travel Size)
I think this is just simple but very high sun protection. I will definetly give this a try because I am very pale and still have high hopes that the sun will come and stay eventually. The smell is really nice also.

Body Moisterizer  F.A.B - First Aid Beauty (Travel size)
I heard so much about this body moisturizer. First I saw it in the UK glossy box last year and everyone raved about this. Cant wait to try it out. The only thing that bothers me, is the smell I dont know there's something that reminds me of old stuff that layed around for a while. Very odd scent I must say, but maybe its just mine.

Alessandro pedix feed heal rescue balm (Travel Size)
When you work as a waitress you simply appreciate all those goodies for your feet that make them look good again. Looking forward to this.

C:EHKO balm fluid plus (Hair fluid)
I am very excited to try this out. Aparently you have to cut these little capsules open and put it on to your tips after washing your hair.
I think this is definetly worth a more thorough review.

Lipstick secret Brand in the color bronze (Full Size)
I dont quite know if I can get any use out of this because brown/ bronzy Lipsticks tend to make me look very old. I wonder why they hid the brands name on it and even made a secret about the price though very mysterious.

glossy box sleeping mask
Very cute Idea i think. You can use this on the plane or at home or even when you're out camping and wanna feel a little luxurious in all the mud and dirt. (So you can sleep a little while longer and do not wake up when the sun is rising)
Its out of satin and it has black lining with black rubber bands in the back.

Hope this was not too rough and you could enjoy the post -If you wanna see pictures of the convention of all my Cosplays and goodies that I bought, I will make a series on my other channel.

XOXO Bee ~*