Friday, November 16, 2012

Jackets n Coats collection No 1 | Autumn/winter 2012

*~ I am in a Christmassy mood today ~*

I wanted to do this post for such a long time, I think since i saw my first coats collection on youtube a year ago. Because I am obsessed with all types of jackets and coats its not even funny anymore. I literally can go into a store with the fix wish to buy a certain clothing item, and most of the time I am going home with another jacket to add to my ever growing collection.

Most of the time i am tending more towards the coat-ish type of outer wear because in my opinion they can glam-up your whole appearence in an instant or even give it that special edge.

so festive with all that glitter
just the right amount of elegance
A pop of color
Practical and casual
Gorgeous white

Black glittery: shop in the netherlands | Grey long one: Pimpkie| Lilac: Vero Moda | Parka: H&M | white and fur collar: H&M - lana del ray collection

The other type are shorter jackets and warmer leathery/wool type jackets. They are definetly a little bit more on the sporty side bit I also enjoy that kind of look as well. It just all depends on my mood/state of mind that I am in.


I so LOVE this Zara jacket
so on trend

Red checked: H&M | faux Leather and fur collar: Zara (on webside right now)| Baseball-jacket: Pimpkie

Hope you enjoyed my coat/jacket collection so far <3 because, sure as hell, I have!
This was only my autumn winter type outer wear; I will definately make a second one when its coming to spring/ summer time; with all my blazers and lighter jackets.

XOXO Bee~<3