Monday, October 1, 2012

Things I loved in September 2012

Hey Lovlies,

Its finally autumn/fall!!!! Maybe it sounds silly but with the seasons it's like I get bored, the longer they last. Non the less with every time of the year I associate different things. I am a sucker for everything cozy and homey so I like this season mostly for the forest walks and lovely evenings with a good book and tea. Candles are an absolute must now.
So get your warm sheets and layering clothes ready for a fabulous fall.

Here are some things that made my september even more special and things I just enjoyed using.
| Junky knit sweaters (this one is from C&A for only 12€ in stores right now) or just my wolf T-shirt, from the elf fantasy fair I went to, with a hoodie and some leggings | my vanilla scented candle that has been burning nonstop (and is almost empty) | And of course I never left the house without my Maxstar platform sneakers <3 the 10 % off code (click) is still running.

Long pyjama bottoms from Primark they are a must in fall.

p2 eyeshadow palette, Prada Candy, Loréal BB cream for light skin, Loréal Lumi Magique concealer in 01

Looking forward to October when my favourite holiday is - its gonna get real spooky for ya'll WAHAHAA