Wednesday, May 16, 2012

shall i or shall i not? | Tattoos

Hey you guys,

wahhrggg ... I'm so excited and mad at the same time ....  1 1/2 years ago I got a tattoo at my back and i drew it myself and spent some time researching for good quality tatto artists in my area. 
Simple as that I got it done. Before that I did my research how to clean and take care of it.
It was absolutely fine .... and now the star in the middle has faded to a sad sad greyish color.


One day after getting it
I wanted a fresh up so it looks black again. Luckily a boyfriend of a good friend from uni (Hannah) is a tattoo artists. I've seen some tattos that he made and they are gorgeous.
So the story goes on ... She gave him a picture of the actual state of my tattoo and he was like "I can't make that black again or the whole picture will be a black mess and not recognizable at all. because the whole picture was clearly drawn to narrow ". I cannot describe the feelings of anger that I had that moment Hannah texted me. Because I love my tattoo, otherwise i would not have gotten it.
Being in all that desperation, the next text came " he can make something really gorgeous out of it, dont you worry" mmmh did I want something other than my original idea?, I wasnt sure and needed time to think. Meanwhile he made a suggestion for a new one and he drew this directly on the picture Hannah had given to him. The result is this really gorgeous butterfly.

So this is what he drew on the picture, but its only a scetch. If i'll decide I wanna have this, he will make a much much more defined version of this.

And now i need an objective opinion because I really love it, but my mum and my boyfriend are like "this is too big for you, you're such a tiny person "not to mention my dads reaction, but he isn't a big tattoo fan.

I'll eventually wait until autumn until i decide what I'm going to do, but I'm really curious what you think.

XOXO ~ Bee