Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mega volume Miss manga mascara | Review

So today its time to open my good old friend named "Blog" again.

I do not have to tell you why I ( as a cosplay freak) I had to HAVE that mascara
I have been on the hunt for this mascara for more than 3 weeks now. It has been sold out big time in every drugstore that i have been to. There are multipe colors available in store, like a vibrant blue and a purple color. I just went for plain black.
It has a bendable brushhead which is no use in my opinion.
So I like this mascara as I like most of the Loréal ones. BUT I still prefer the Volume Million lashes excess for formular and brush which is just the best mascara that I ever used.
One more negative point is that there is too much product coming out of the tube. I like the over all outcome but if you are not a fan of big spidery lashes, this will not be the mascara for you.

Hope this was helpful :)