Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Ombré hair

Yeahhh i know I'm kinda late and yeah i know its already on its way out of being in style, but i just couldn't resist.  So here's my result of the Ombré Hair experiment, so far. I wanna go a little bit lighter but first i'll make sure my hair recovers from bleaching.
Please be aware that I'm NOT an EXPERT or a hairdresser i just want to share my experience ;)

A list of products i used
  1. 2 packages Bleach-powder 25g and 2 bottles 4% developer (from a hairdressers specialist shop)
    > the lovely lady at the counter suggested these, but i didnt use the whole bottles
  2. A comb and a brush to put the bleach on my tips
  3. Tin foil to cover them up afterwards > the hydrogen peroxid can work better in closed evironment
  4. Silver shampoo to avoid the yellow undertone 
  5. John Friedas Sheer Blonde deep conditioner and the Go Blonder conditioner for after
    1. Argan oil

       ~I threw away the bleaching powder package so sorry you guys ~
      Developer 4%

      1. I watched several Youtube videos to see how others got the job done and they really really help, if you wann recreate this please make sure you know what you're doing
        Youtubers I can recommend:

        Helpful Blogentries:  Zoella
      2. Ask someone to help you if you're unsure, I asked my mum :)  
      3. Make sure you know the structure of your hair and consider that your hair will need extra care after bleaching

      Getting the Job done
      1.  Mixing bleaching powder and developer to a paste that has the texture of a thicker Bodylotion
      2. put the bleach on the tips, brush through with a comb and wrap it in foil, i sectioned my hair into three parts first
      3. leave it on and check the color every 10 minutes until you have your wanted result but not longer than 45 minutes or your ends will break off
      4. Wash it out and wash with silver shampoo 
      5. Put deep conditioner in if needed

 This is the finished result. Its still orangy but before that, i dyed my hair nearly black. As i mentioned before i'm going for a lighter shade of frosty blonde at the ends. But before i start bleaching or dying (as i have seen in an other video totally works fine) again i wanna try out the "John Frieda Go blonder conditioner"

So I hope you enjoyed