Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My little helpers No 1

~Once upon a time, when i was little there was this part in me, that wanted to be tough, strong like all those heroes in the books i read and the movies i watched. For all those years that passed, that feeling never really went away, sure it has changed direction and clearly sometimes was stronger than others. Then later on someone came into my life that spoke exactly to this part of my soul and made it bright again~

Well, enough with all those epic stories and back to the point, why i was writing this post.
I was thinking about what to write next, and whats more convenient, than the little things that i use everyday and make my life so much easier.

The product i wanna present first, is my multitool "juice XE6" from leatherman in the color "Thunder violett".
I'm using this little treasure since 3 years now and i never came to the point where i regret buying it.
What spoke first to me of course was the gorgeous color, being a girl after all ;)
Its a little bit more on the pricier side, but its worth all those 80,00€ I spent. I ordered it from an outdoor online-shop where it was on sale.
They sell this series (Juice) in a variety of colors and for every color there's a different name ( does'nt that sound familiar???) Be aware that some colors have different features. So make sure to know what you want this tool to accomplish.

Some of you might think "why is she using a multitool" and "why is she posting this on a fashion and beauty blog".
Very simple answer:  I keep this little thing in my bag everyday and it helped me in so many situations.
For example who has'nt had the problem of necklaces falling apart in the middle of work, or the bus, or name the place you want. Or take another one: its a beautiful evening you wanna spent with your loved one, with a bottle of wine and you can't find the corkscrew.

What i have done with it so far
  1. fixed necklaces and all types of jewellery
  2. opened winebottles 
  3. fixed my wardrobe-shelfs
  4. opened my laptopcase to make it dust-free
  5. add holes to my belts
  6. all kinds of DIY projects where i havent had a scissor or a knife at hand
  7. and the list could go on and on

    I cannot lie, the people I'm meeting and even a few friends at uni reacted very surprised at first, very few were even strongly irritated. But most of the time i could help them, so they appreciated it afterwards.

    I hope I did'nt scare you off with this post and you enjoyed reading a little about my everyday life, maybe even found inspiration in it for yourself.

    Don't be afraid to be tough every girl/woman should be

    XOXO ~ Bee

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