Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max Star Platform Trainers | Review + Discount code

Heyy you Lovelys,

AHHHHHHHH...... I am literally jumping up and down in excitement because the postman just brought me a FedEx Package, if you aren't from Germany you don't know that that is pretty unusual. So I knew right then what would be inside. The Maxtar Platform Trainers!!!

My little story
Ever since I saw these on Stephanie from the Fashion Citizen (click to watch) and on sunbeamsjess (click to watch).
I knew I had to have them because they are THE coolest shoes ever. I know that sunbeamsjess was actually been contacted by maxtsar if she wanted to make a review about their platform trainers and so I went on their website and found out that they offer a really fair deal for blogger and youtubers. You can sent an application via email and write about, why you want to write or film about their shoes. In particular why you of all people should have the chance to get a pair of their awesome sneaks for free. I decided there was actually no harm in trying because the worst thing that could happen was a "no". So I carefully composed an e-mail and sent them my application and only one day later they contacted me! You find their offer here "application"

I am so thrilled, I know I haven't been in the blogger world for long but if you really want something there is a chance that you can achieve it! I will do my best to give you a good and proper review.

I will show you the shoes in detail, how I style them and i will also describe the quality.
So here we go <3

Here are some facts 

The Maxstar company exists since 2008 and they are mostly known for their double platform sneakers.
Their base is located in South Korea.

Shoe: 7 Holes Zipper Platform Sneakers
Color: I got them in black (they sell these in a variety of colors and also in tie dye)
Heel: 5cm
Material: Canvas

I want to mention the little negative point right at the beginning because it doesn't really bother me.
Unfortunately the logo at the side looks pretty much like the converse one, only that it says Maxstar around the star. So if you are a complete converse lover this might be too much for you.
But I knew right up front these shoes might not be for everybody.

But what I like more about them is the zipper at the side. Sometimes its a pain in the butt to get these on and off, but in addition with the zipper, the laces stay where they are and don't get messed up as easily.
They are true to size but I think if you haven't have that narrow feet (mine are tiny) it can be a little bit difficult.
You can pretty much walk in them like flats with the bonus of giving you the extra height like heels. For me being a short person, this was definitely what sold them to me. They are ridiculously comfy.

If you take a closer look at the shoe, you notice the good processing, and at the same time you can feel it.The insole and fabric on the inside of the shoe seems breathable so your feet have as much of fresh air as they need so they don't smell of sweat or anything.
Its all sewn together very neatly.
And as a bonus you also get one free pair of shoelaces for free

The Shipping time is incredible it took them only 4 days to get to my house.
You find their shipping categories on their website as well.
At the end All I can add is, that I can even drive with these bad boys so I definitely give them a thumbs up.

grey thrifted Tshirt, H&M shorts and Blazer, Primark men's hoodie
Zara vest, H&M men's shirt, H&M leggings
H&M Jumper, jeggings, Blazer and Snood

I really love the edge that they give any outfit that I paired them with. So I created a little look book with a variety combinations. I hope you enjoyed my review and if it was somewhat helpful the better.

At the end I wanna give a huge thank you to the Maxstar Team for giving me this awesome opportunity.
So I encourage you, if you really want to, fill out their application and maybe you are as lucky as I am. 

p.s. Please give me your feed back in the comments below, it would mean so much to me <3 

AND I would really like you to have the chance to get a pair of these awesome sneakers and they were so kind to give me a 10 % discount code for you guys.
Coupon Name : SABINE
Expiration Date : Oct-18-2012
It only lasts one month so if you want some - be quick!^_^



  1. Did you do express shipping or the regular shipping to get them in 4 days?

    1. I can only guess that is was express, because they have been sent to me for free

  2. Hey ich hab auch überlegt mir welche zu kaufen. Kannst du mir vielleicht sagen welche Schuhgröße du normal hast und welche Größe die Schuhe. Sind die Größen wahrheitsgetreu? Bin mir nämlich noch extrem unsicher welche Größe ich bestellen soll.


    1. ich hab normal 36 die größe hab ich auch genommen und sie passen genau ^^