Friday, November 9, 2012

Starting Yoga class | Equipment, H&M sports wear

Hello hopefully relaxed readers of mine,

I am really excited but also really nervous when it comes to starting new things. Sometimes I tend to chicken out shortly before the event and then regret not having gone through with it.

I started Yoga class at the end of october. I wanted to do a stress release kind of sport for ages now but never got round doing it. But when my doctor actually recommended some sort of relaxing meditating sport, I knew it was about time. So when my mum said that she would actually pay for one I was so happy.

Said and done, I needed some clothes for my new sport. I actually knew that H&M had a proper AND stylish sports collection available and since I tend to shop there a lot I wanted to check that out.

This is what I bought.
A beautiful bright orange sweater and an absolutely comfortable black kind of jogging pant.

My outfit

 Price: shirt 14,95€
          Pant 24,96€

 My softshell jacket

I didnt really need this jacket for my yoga class but I wanted one for quite some time.
Despite of all the expensive softshelljackts by certain outdoor brands this one was quite bargainous.

Price: 49,95€

I really have to say I like the H&M sports collection so far. The price quality relation is really good.
As a short person I always have problems to find the right sizes and a few years ago that problem would also relate to H&M but I find they really have stepped up their game.

My yoga mat 

The yoga mat that I chose is indeed very comfortable since its made of sheep fur on the top (2cm thick).
Its from the brand Bausinger which has a long history of making yoga equipment.
The format is 100cm x 200cm, big enough for most of the positions you will learn. The smell is a little odd at first, but with a little bit of airing that should be no real problem.

Price: 65,00€

My first Session
I can actually say that it was the experience I had hoped for.
The place was a gym room with one mirrored wall and one side with cealing high windows.
The Yoga teacher had a very calm and pleasant voice. Before he started class he first lid a candle in the middle and told uns a story about the origin of yoga.
The Atmosphere was so calm i felt immediately comfortable.
We made some excersises standing up followed by some lying down. I woun't go into much detail with these because its very difficult to describe what we did. It was definatley more like meditating than working out. I left my first meeting with new found satisfaction and I can't wait until next week.


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