Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cozy Chritsmas Time | Decorations and Randoms

~*Happy Blog-mas Lovelys *~

Its finally christmas time all around the corner. Everywhere you go there are christmas decorations and markets and amazing christmas bargains only waiting to be bought.

I wanted my decoration to be really warm toned, best opportunity to establish my new found love for orangy colours. I also love the little owl and nut shaped silvery hangers, which I found by accident.

Another thing that cannot be left out are christmas scented candles. The brand doesnt really matter to me, since there arent any special ones available here. I like the vanilla caramel scent and apple cinnamon the best. Mhh so delicious~

There is really nothing better in winter time than to pour your favourite cup of tea grabbing your softest blanket and a good book - that is a thing I cant live without.

Disclaimer ~
Sadly I have been really busy with uni and my exams are right around the corner. So my real joy for christmas can firstly start in the middle of december really. Thats also the reason why I havent been posting much lately and I really miss it to pieces.

I hope you all are in your christmas preparation as well I really like all the festive videos and blog posts.

 ~ XOXO Bee ~

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