Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(first) Glossybox Germany | may

Wahhh I'm jumping up and down in excitement ... yeah you've seen right I've joined the Glossybox train ---- woot woooooot .... and yes i'll share my experiece of unboxing my first with you. Cant even describe the happiness when i found out that glossybox is also available in germany. Originally i ordered it back in april oviously too late to get the april box. And one week ago they send me a lovely e-mail that surprisingly a company wanted to add a sixth product to the normal range of  five. I'm not quite sure if its actually the may box or if its still the box for april .... mm its the april box ....buts its already may, can you guys tell me what that is about?
Update: so its is the may box actually ^_^

The Loreal BB cream was only a like a little plastic tester thingy but I will make a proper review of that later
Smells amazing
feels nice on my skin
The blusher duo actually looks really nice on my cheeks

  So I'm pleasantly surprised of all those amazing products I recieved and I'm looking forward to the next box. So thanks for reading ~


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  1. One Person more ordering the Glossybox ;-) I cancelled my Abo for the half year I'm abroad :(