Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big hair | getting ready for dinner

 Hey my lovelys,

So on monday I went to dinner with my boyfriend to our fifth anniversary and it was an absolutley beautiful evening. We went to a little italien restaurant which was quite romantic. And i can tell you I had the best pizza in my whole life , and I'm not kidding guys. In addition the wine was amazing. It was literally a night I will never forget ~

The girl that i am, i dressed up for this special event. Here are some pictures of my hair and make up I wore that day. I went with a little black dress and nude heels to be classic. You can also see that I gradually have lighten up my ombré hair so its more blonde at the ends. But this time I took a highlighting kit from "schwarzkopf". I achieved the curls with something I would call a blow dry curling wand??? I don't know what else to call it. For my face I mostly used bronzer, for my eyes I chose gold eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner. For my lips i decided to go for a more toned down color and i took this light pink lipgloss.

So it really seems like it was yesterday since we've been together, which is a good thing ^_^
And I take this opportunity, because I know he's reading this, to tell you how much you actually mean to me.
This last few years were like a dream, like actually beeing with my soulmate which whome I could share all those stupid ideas and spending all this lovely time just reading or drinking wine. So I hope there are many many good years to come for us and to you guys, I hope you are as lucky as me to find such a beautiful person to be with, because everybody deserves to feel like me. So in the matter of this..

~CHEERS to Love my Lovelys


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