Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outdoors | Black forest

Well, hello you lovelys ~

So last week my friends and i went on a fun outdoor trip near the border of switzerland called " black forest" in germany.
Its a six hour drive from where I live, so we drove all night with literally no sleep to get there. I drove for 4 hours and then i switched with a friend so i could get at least a good hour sleep because we already had plans for that day.

The first tour , we walked along the most gorgeous gorge in that area, the landscape and the nature were absolutely beautiful. The tour we chose was 9km long and we slightly understimated the length. But never the less the view made up for the struggle we had.

On our second day we wanted a tour that wasn't quite as long as the first one, but on the card it looked a lot shorter. We decided to drive there by bus and then to walk back to were we parked the cars. Yeah ... what a failure .... the signs said 14 km .... we were  like " what the.... are you freakin kidding me" .... but we made it through ... with brouses and exhaustion, but in the end we were glad that we made it. The real length of it was actually 20km, but we found out about that when we returned to our camp.

So it really made sense that on the next day we were laying low and just lied at the see enjoying the sun.

I really needed those days to relax and just think about nothing , not uni, not work not anything and i enjoyed every bit of it. Cleared my head out for the upcoming events, so there are exams in two weeks, the silver wedding of my parents and the fifth anniversary with my boyfriend. Can't actually believe its been five years since i met him. like a dream thats lasting forever and ever.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and me rambling about my trip, i dont know if its as interesting as my other posts and hiking is definetley not for everyone but for me it is ;)


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