Saturday, June 30, 2012

glossybox germany | June

So here's my second Glossybox with the theme ~*summer and the beach*~

Alessandro Nail polish | Happy pink 5ml
I really love the color it gives to my nails. And although I'm really pale my hands look instantly tanned.
You do need at least two coats to get the exact color but it drys really really fast.

Kryolan Satin powder | Gold 3g
I always wanted to try pure pigments and see what all theses youtubers are raving about. So I was even more thrilled to see this as I opened the box. It came in the gorgeous gold shade and it gives a nice shimmer to my eyes. All glown up I'm ready for summer.

Lush lemony Flutter | cuticle butter
To be honest I'm not quite shure if i can get much use out of this because I got rid of my cuticles many many years ago and I'm quite happy about that. Non the less maybe I can use for any dry spots on my hands.
It says on the pakaging that it has a fresh lemony scent and it really does. The formula is indeed very creamy and promises to leave your hands all smoothed up.

Tiroler Nussöl | Sunoil 30ml
This is indeed a german product i assume. The brand is at least a 100 years old and the oil is supposed to be for the whole body. I never heard of this brand before but my mum seemed to know it. She told me that it enhances the natural tanning process but doesn't actually protect from sunburns or anything, so you have to keep that in mind.

I gotta ask you guys.. what is it with those oils, they seem really fancy these days. The hairoils everybody is talking about is the best example. I dont know are they worth a try? Let me know please.

Wilkinson | Intuition Naturals
TO ME it made perfectly sense that this was in this months box because the theme is "Summer and the sea" and when you're going to the beach you don't wanna have massively hairy legs. If you know where I'm coming from here :D There was a lot of talk about this shaver on the german glossybox facebookpage where they discussed the actual need of a drugstore shaver in a box which is supposed to send you more high end products to try. But really guys, I don't mind at all.
Its delivered with this capsules that have aloe vera in it and whole shaving the capsule releases the liquid.
So you really don't need any shaving creams or gels.

All in all it was a very well put together box with things for the summer time and it put me in a summery mood. Isnt that all that counts?

Some of these products are actually only available in germany, so I hope you don't mind. I always found it interesting to see the products of other countries Glossy boxes.


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  1. love glossy box excited for my next one :)