Monday, July 2, 2012

All that frizz | a hair story

 Hey lovelys its time to do the hair talk ~ <3

 Everybody wants them healthy shiny hair and the majority has only one goal, to grow it really long.
So it doesnt come as a surprise that I'm not an exception. Long hair is just THE most wanted thing these days altough many celebrities are rocking the pixie. Emma Watson is my personal favourite, but then i also think that woman can wear a trash bag and look fabulous basically.

My hair story
So when I was younger i had massively thick frizzy curls up until the age of 8. But  an allergy suddenly stripped me from them for a few years. The Curls grew back and with those I had what you can call a love hate relationship. My biggest wish was to have straight sleeky hair like all these other kids. To be honest the other kids didn't like them either.

In my Teenage years the problem became even worse, and you guys know how mean teenage girls can be.
At the age of 13 I had really short hair which did'nt suit me at all. So I spend the next three years to grow it long again and I never had my hair down for quite a long time. At that time (16) i had managed to style my curls and was very pleased with the results.

I never had used any colors on my hair till I was seventeen and then I only got 5 blonde highlights on the top of my head.
With this moment the colouring phase startet for me. I only tried brown colors that where near the shade I already had, to be on the save side.
At the same time i got face to face with another ilness called reflux. Basically the acid thats supposed to stay in your stomache is able to to flow back, because a failing closing mechanism between cardia and gullet.
The consequence is a strict adjustment to everything food wise. I had to abstain from everything with to much fat in it. Keeping that in mind I lost a lot of weight and hair in that time. when my body had adjusted to those major changes the hair kept growing back but they never became as thick and healthy as they used to be.
When I dye my hair my mum always helps me and I've never got it dyed at a salon because its just to expensive in my opinion. (the only exeption are the highlights I mentioned further up)

Styling and taking care
I nearly always only blow dry my fringe so its not a frizzy mess and let the rest of the hair air dry. I get the best results with this method because it does'nt require a lot of heat which would damage your hair.
On my fringe and on rare special occasions I use a flat iron.
When I use any styling products its either a frizz control or a styling mousse but never hairspray.
I only wash my hair every other day and always use a deep conditioner after shampooing.
For dry ends I recommend olive oil - just warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds and let it sit in your hair over night - then wash it out in the morning.

What I asked my hairdresser to do
I tell her to cut as little as possible :P. Btw I'm cutting the fringe myself.

Only recently I went a little crazy and tried the ombré look on my self because I saw all those gorgeous pictures online and wanted to give it a go. I must say I really like the look especially with the pink dip dye I got from a friend.
On the negative side it made my hair even more frizzy than it already is and I had to style it everyday, to make it look good. I just have'nt the time or the energy to do so.
I now have decided to put an end to my light ombre phase and died my ends dark blonde to begin with.
If you are ombréing your hair, please consider the structure of your hair before doing it , it really matters.
Nevertheless I still like it but its just not for me.
Just air dryed in the state it is now

 "the ring" girl pose

I will do an post about all my product for frizzy curly hair in the near future <3

So I hope my hair story has not bored your heads of and you're still awake in front of your computers ;)

XOXO ~ Bee