Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clarins Éclat du jour | skin care review

Hey Lovelys

I just recently felt that my skin care products were'nt doing the good job any more like they always it felt tired and dull and without any radiance at all. So  i decided it was time to try something new. After reading an enourmous amount of reviews of different lines und products I had filtered that the french brands all seem to be very good. So I went to a drugstore in my local area and tried some of like smell and consistancy. And the orange clarins line for younger skin really caught my eye and my nose to be hones. The smell is really nice and not too fragranced but fresh.

I did not know what I was getting myself into and so I bought a little kit with three products of this range which are also very practical for holidays.

The three products are

daily energizer cleansing gel
Ingedients mentioned: moringa extract
Step one: this is really like a normal gel cleanser it foams  up very easily and leaves your face refreshed.

daily energizer Wake-up booster 
Ingerients mentioned on the front: redcurrant, green coffee and white tea extract
Step two: Just put it on a cotton pad and dot it on to your face gently. The word Wake up Booster is really not exaggerated its almost as if you can feel that your skin has more ernergy and it seems to cool down the temperature a little bit.

daily energizer Cream
Promises to hydrate to freshen up and to give your skin a healthy glow
Step three: You can just use it like a normal day cream

So all in all i'm basically very happy with this range. What really got me in the end, to buy these was the scent, its so lovley and I feel as if I can literally smell the vitamins. Its not to overpowering, but fresh and just wonderful. I could go on and on about it.

These products are cheaper than most products from clarins when you buy them full size.
The Cleansing gel is 12 € the Wake up Booster and the cream are about 20 € each so not cheap but cheaper than the other lines they produce. Also I think this is not over the top for clarins beeing a little bit like a high end brand.The little kit with all three products cost me about 12€.

Lately I had kind of oily patches in my T-zone area so I thought it would do no harm to try a moistuizer for combination skin. It was quite confusing because all my life I thought I had really dry skin. So I tried the full size Cream-gel moisturizer from the same orange range I just showed you.

The consistancy is not really what you picture from the word "gel" its more like a really nice cream without the creamy thick texture. And I must say I like the effect more. The price is about 20€.
I really love the glass pot it comes in, it sits so nicely on your dressing table and looks so expensive.

If you want a moisturizer with spf 15 in it I think they also have one of those. But as i tried these in the shop I found it quite watery so I chose otherwise.

I hope this review was rather helpful for you. I would like to know what range you are using or if you have experience with clarins as well. Can you recommend anything? Thats that for now ~


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