Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lovely News | 2nd blog

hey you,

This post is rather quick, I just wanted to share one of my new projects i startet a  few days ago.

I decided to open a second blog and put all my hobbies on there -  lifestyle things, cosplays, books conventions and DIYs that arent fashion related. For some of you this might seem rather strange or weird but thats a huge part of my life too. What I didnt want to do, was to mix them together because then this would have been a big colorful bubble with no structure at all. And I love structure by the way.

So if you're interested in the things that I do in my free time other than beauty and fashion ( which is also a big part of my life) then take a little of your time to visit  Doll House - come and play.
It would mean a lot to me if you did. <3~
(And dont be afraid of the slightly nerdy vibe - it wont pass on to you unless you let it )

For those of you who dont want to pay a visit thats also fine I dont wanna force attention or anything or brag about what I do.

In the near future i have planned a Clarins skin care review and "my favourite jewellery pieces | how I style them". So if you're more for the fashion and beauty part you can look forward to that.

Just let me know in the comments what you think about making two seperate blogs in the comments below.

XOXO Bee ~<3

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