Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heat wave | What to wear when you're melting

 Hey you sunny- heads,

OMG its so hot outside. I started to think the summer would never come and now that its finally here ... I just want it to go away ... no seriously ... some degrees less would be really nice. Its 30°C and even inside the house its nearly 25°C.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my favourite clothes when its meltin hot outside and you still just have to leave the house to run errants for example. Work and school is just another subject, because of the dress codes some of them have but I think you can always put something over your outfit a light scarf or shirt, to make it more appropriate. Please keep in mind that this is kind of a summer holiday thing.

I take the chance to add my favourite jewellery pieces of the moment.

XOXO ~ Bee


  1. Love your necklaces, can't beat a statement piece of jewellery!!

  2. Love these pictures :) So pretty.


  3. uhh i WISH it was that hot in england, can i have some of your hot weather please?! ahah, such lovely pictures too :)xo

    1. it already cooled down a little ;) 22°C ... germany isnt that far away from the UK so the difference is not that big , although England is much more rainy ^^'''


  4. Nice outfit ;)

    Thank you for visiting my blog ;)
    Followed you back ;)