Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Update | Some shoutouts

 Hey my beautiful subbies

So as my of you will already have noticed is, that I started a Youtube. The really awesome thing about that was that the day after I uploaded my first video a girl named Cat contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of this awesome facebook group "Beauty Youtubers Unite" thats full of other relatively new youtuber.

I got to know all these nice girls who not only have channels, but also Blogs of their own.
I want to mention some of them because i really like their blog or their channel. I will also link the group down below.


So of course I have to mention the " leader" of the group - her names cat and her channels called cheshire cat. Shes from the UK and has a real cute red outgrowing pixie cut. I really like her reviews so far.


Another person that has a really vibrant personality is staphanie castorani she does awesome Makeuptutorials.


Another one is Kelsey hancock, who is from australia. She recently did a Lime crime lipstick collection video which was awesome


And the last one and also my favourite, is Tegan from Kanada. We are so much alike its not even funny any more. Shes in her final weeks of university and thats also why she hasnt had that much time for her channel. I think her channel is so cute and fun and when the time comes she will make it even more awesome.
I also hope that we will become even better friends.

Sadly I cant mention all of those talented girls and I'm shure I havent checked out every single channel because the group is getting pretty big. Maybe I will do a regular featuring blogs of the month thing or something. (sorry tegan I "stole" that one from you ;) ) 

until next time guys <3


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