Friday, May 24, 2013

Loréal oil Magique | Review

Hey Lovelys, long time no read

This hairoil is just the most used product of this month and I have used it for about that long.

My hair type: Curly, dry, frizzy

First impression
OMG is this expensive but it looks so pretty and omg the smell is just yummi. Yes overflow for your poor readers eyes, I know, but its accurately what I thought.

Since its an oil it would be really funny if it wasnt of an oily concistency. But its really not like olive oil or other oils like that.

You can use this multiple ways: first method is before washing as a deep conditioning treatment, then after washing and before blowdrying and then again afterwards ro give it a really satiny finish.
I use approximately 1-2 pumps for my dry ends and work them through my hair. Be careful not use so much at once, its better to repeat the process with a little amount than to have greasy results.
When you have done that your hands should not look oily at all, otherwise you have really overdone it.
It doesnt make my hair greasy at all it just give it this smooth and shiny effect that I was looking for in a hair oil.
If I am blowdrying my hair straight I put it in after I washed my hair then blow dry it and put juts a little bit more in afterwards to make it look really sleek.
On other days when I am just letting my hair dry naturally I use it only after its completely dry because otherwise I find it looks a little bit strange.

Its just devine I cant even describe it but everytime I use this I have to smell my hands like a complete weirdo.
Its a glas bottle with a little pump so its really easy to get the right dose. On the other hand it doesnt come in handy if it comes to travel luggage or carrying in your handbag because its really heavy. But it does look really pretty on my dresser

I am impressed with this product on so many levels that its just ridiculous. Its not cheap (8,95€) but you really only need 1-2 pumps per use and so the product will go a long way.
So far I see no reason why this should dissappoint me in the future and if you have curly frizzy hair like I have I can definately recommend it.



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  2. This oil sounds great! I've been looking for a hair oil from the drugstore for awhile now. I'm currently using one from Garnier but it's not so great. Nice review! xo